Lubab Sheet-Davis

Lubab Sheet-Davis, Board President

Lubab serves as Board President and Chair of the Donor Relations & Outreach and Events & Merchandise Committees. She is a tech industry veteran, and currently serves on several industrial advisory boards. She is an aspiring backyard bee-keeper with a passion for sustainable gardening and urban farming. Lubab previously served on the boards of Full Circle Farm, Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen and The Youth Foundation. She and her husband are long time Mountain View residents and enjoy visiting the farm.

Jaime Villarreal, Board Vice President

Jaime is Board Vice President and serves on the Donor Relations & Outreach and Events & Merchandise committees. He is a Bay Area native and Sunnyvale resident. He worked in high-tech for 28  years, followed by twelve years working for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District at Deer Hollow Farm, followed by a few years working part-time at the Farm. He is currently a Farm volunteer for the City of Mountain View. During his tech career, he also volunteered with Santa Clara County Parks Department where he found joy in park management and a passion for public service. Jaime enjoys reaching out and showing appreciation for people, places and things.

Charlotte Xia

Charlotte Xia, Board Treasurer

Charlotte serves as the Board’s Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. She believes that Deer Hollow Farm is a jewel in our urban community. A resident of Cupertino, she has worked in corporate finance for over 20 years and has volunteered at non-profit organizations, including serving treasurer roles at her local Boy Scouts and Homeowners Association. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running and keep herself busy on local trails.

Renee Blitzer

Renee Blitzer, Board Secretary

Renee serves as Board Secretary and Chair of the Grants Committee. A Technical Program Manager at Google and a professional coach, she is passionate about farms, sustainability, education and ensuring the well-being of local community. Renee has lived in our area for over ten years where she has enjoyed regularly visiting the animals at Deer Hollow Farm with her family. 

Lisa Griswold

Lisa serves as the Chair of the Marketing Communications Committee and member of the Grants and Donor Relations & Outreach Committees. She works in marketing operations at a biotech firm in Palo Alto. Lisa likes visiting the animals and exploring the garden at Deer Hollow Farm and seeing the changes that occur during the different seasons of the year. She has been active in Toastmasters for several years and has been interested in environmental conservation from a young age.

Jack Kay

Jack is Chair of the Volunteer Farm Projects Committee. He is a test engineer and a hobbyist farmer, growing and regularly grafting a variety of fruit and nut trees and berries at his home orchard. He is an active member of the California Rare Fruit Growers Santa Clara Valley Chapter, having served as Chairperson, Programs Committee Co-chair, and Nominating Committee Chair. He previously served on the Environmental Quality Commission for the City of Torrance. He enjoys hiking at Rancho San Antonio and visiting the sheep at Deer Hollow Farm where his wife Susan has been a farm volunteer for several years