“Spooky Times” Halloween Celebration at Deer Hollow Farm

Deer Hollow Farm’s Spooky Times Event is on Saturday, October 23, 2021.


Deer Hollow Farm invites you to celebrate the spooky spirit of Halloween!

Mark your  calendars for this spooky virtual holiday event for your family’s enjoyment. The event will be posted on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 on this City of Mountain View Recreation Department link.

Here’s the advance news on what happens:

Farmer Lisa needs to finish her farm chores, but there are creepy critters in the barns, spooky sounds all around, and monsters are taking over the Farm! Come join the fun on this virtual tour of Deer Hollow Farm that will lead you through haunted barns, introduce you to the farm livestock, and provide close encounters with these freaky farm monsters! Perfect for families with young ones.


See you!

All proceeds go towards Farm operations.