• Summer Safety at Deer Hollow Farm & Rancho San Antonio

    By Jenise Henrikson, July 9, 2015
    summer at deer hollow
    Summer time brings more visitors to Deer Hollow Farm and Rancho San Antonio, making it one of our favorite times of the year. But, the heat also brings some safety hazards for both human visitors and the animals in our area.
    In order to make the most out you visit and make sure our animals stay safe, we compiled a short list of summer time safety tips for Deer Hollow Farm visitors.kind
    Make sure to bring plenty of water with you for hikes in Rancho San Antonio.
    Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
    Keep your eyes on where you step, during the summer rattlesnakes may be sunning themselves in open spaces, or hidden in leaves.
    Lock Up
    Before heading out, make sure  your car is locked and stow any valuables in the trunk.
    Pedestrians should yield to equestrians on the trail.
    Use Designated Trails
    This will help you avoid damaging our natural resources AND the many ticks off-trail.
    Bikers should announce their presence when approaching hikers from behind.
    The temptation to pick flowers and berries is strong, but please resist. Remember, this is a Preserve.
    Keep an eye out for poison oak, and make sure you know what it looks like. Remember: leaves of three, leave them be.
    Be kind to the wildlife and observe from a distance. Remember,  this is their home.
    Don’t Feed the Farm Animals 
    Keep in mind, your food may be hazardous to their health. Farm staff provides a healthy diet for them.
    Pack out all your trash.

    Enjoy your visit to Deer Hollow Farm this summer, but remember: Leave only footprints, take only photos. 

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