• New Duck Habitat at Deer Hollow Farm

    By Jenise Henrikson, January 15, 2015
    In just a few weeks, the Deer Hollow Farm ducks will move into a brand new duck habitat! The new space will offer a larger pond for the ducks to swim in as well as more space.

    Funding for the New Duck Pond & House

    This project was funded by Friends of Deer Hollow Farm donors with special help from The Rotary Club of Cupertino, who matched the first $2,300 we raised. Midpeninsula Regional Open Space staff did the construction. A big QUACK from the ducks to everyone for their new digs!

    The Old Duck Pond
    Deer Hollow Farm Duck Pond

    Progress on New Duck Pond

    Yearly Improvement Project

    Each year, Friends of Deer Hollow Farm funds a Farm improvement project proposed by the Farm staff in consultation with Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District. Since 2008, when the Farm Enhancements Program began, Friends has funded more than $100,000 in projects to make the Farm animals more accessible and the Farm more educational for visitors and students. The historical feel of the Farm remains unchanged. The animal-related projects have improved operations for the Farm volunteers and comfort and safety of the animals.

    Past Projects

    Besides this new duck pond and house, past projects have included: raised and covered cow milking station for public viewing, a new chicken coop, signage, an animal trailer, painting and flooring the White Barn, raised garden beds, an amphitheater in the Farm’s replica Ohlone Village for teaching and summer camp, creation of a Nature Center, a cow barn, and a new underground sweathouse in the replica Ohlone Village.

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