• Duck Pond Fundraising $2300 Matching Challenge: Sept 1-Oct 31

    By Sue Gale, August 29, 2014

    The ducks are quacking about the Duck Pond Fundraising Challenge: The Rotary Club of Cupertino has issued a matching funds offer for up to $2,300 donated by October 31!

    A State of DisrepairWatching Ducks

    We need eco-friendly improvements and usability repairs such as:

    • A cracked foundation that needs regular patching to keep the ducks afloat.
    • Drainage pipes that are decades old and are collapsing.Sierra Exif JPEG
    • A steep concrete pad which is difficult for volunteers and visitors to navigate.

    Making Our Duck Pond More Green (and Usable!)

    • Water conservation! Pond drainage will be re-routed to irrigate and fertilize the pasture and fruit trees.
    • Concrete pad will be removed.
    • A bench for visitors to observe the pond.

    Donate Now

    Help us give the ducks and geese a much-needed new pond. From Sept 1-Oct 31, make your tax-deductible donations…

    1. Online!
    2. In person. Via the “Iron Ranger” donation dropoff by the barn
    3. Mail. Mail your donations to: Friends of Deer Hollow Farm, P.O. Box 4282, Mountain View, CA 94040

    To ensure your donation is matched, mark your check, envelope or PayPal memo “Duck Pond.”

    Visiting Duck Pond Girls


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